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What is Lean? [Short animated video presenting the definition for Lean and how to become Lean]

Words of Wisdom from Taiichi Ohno [Short animated video presenting quotes from Taiichi Ohno, the creator of the Toyota Production System (TPS)  on which Lean is based]

Reading resources

A fundamental, condensed Lean must-read

Lean: Manage work as a flow system, France Bergeron and Joanne Gaudet, 2017, Alpen Path Solutions Inc. Printed in Canada, 28 pages, colour cover, colour printing, ISBN: 978-0-9947810-1-7. Printed on FSC certified paper.

Order yours on for $13.50 plus $6.49 S&H (includes $0.95 GST on book and S&H) . Shipping to Canada only.

“A great introduction to lean.”

according to Daniel T. Jones, internationally-renowned Lean thinker and co-author of the world’s first books on Lean

Order directly with us for $13.50 (including GST on book) + $3.75 S&H (+GST) in Canada, per book when you order directly with us. We provide quotes for multiple copies. To order please contact us. We will send you an invoice to settle by credit card or PayPal before we ship.

For international readers, $12.86 (no GST) + $10.00 S&H please contact us. We will send you an invoice to settle by credit card or PayPal before we ship.

Participants in the ‘Introduction to Lean for Government‘ and Introduction to Lean for Government for Management training workshops receive a complimentary copy. ‘Flow: Manage work as a flow system‘ is a learning aid in the course and helps foster a Lean culture in public sector organisations.

Lean Resources

The Lean_Skills_Matrix (PDF format) is a collaborative Lean tool to help increase the team’s capacity by cross‐training employees. It should be used to create learning plans, increase collaboration, increase problem solving and make work visible, NOT to assess performance.

The Personal_Flow_Board_11X17 (PDF format, 11 X 17 page format) helps you take control of your own work. Using sticky-notes, flow your work (1 task per sticky note) from ‘To do’, to ‘Doing (limit your work in progress to 3 tasks), to Pending as needed, then finally to ‘Done’.  Make your work visible, measure time and quality and improve the flow of value to your clients, every day.

The Purpose-Authorities-Process-Widget-Client (PAPWiC) Chart (PDF format) is a Lean collaborative tool tailored to government and knowledge organizations and is similar to the Supplier-Input-Process-Output-Client (SIPOC) chart used in manufacturing.

Paper on Lean as the science of work, based on flow – ‘Lean: it’s not rocket science, it’s work science‘ (in PDF format).

Presentation by Professor Zoe Radnor at the Lean for Government Professional Development Day, June 22, 2016 “Is Lean a failed theory for public services?” (in PDF format). Zoe Radnor  (now Vice-President at City, University of London).

PDF poster overview of how all levels of public sector organizations engage in Lean for government – a systemic approach to delivering value to citizens! Lean is collaborative science (poster in English / poster en français)

PDF poster ‘Lean Starts Here | Lean part d’ici’  to instill Lean as an organization-wide culture of continuous improvement every day (in English et en français)

Lean for Government website with case studies, reports and resources from public sector organizations worldwide.

Lean Pocket Guide to Optimising Flow, Joanne Gaudet and France Bergeron, 2017, Alpen Path Solutions Inc. Printed in Canada, 20 pages, colour cover, colour photos, ISBN: 978-0-9947810-2-4.

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