Choose from Lean video resources, reading resources and various tool resources.

Video resources on YouTube

The Bicycle Book‘ humorous story narrated by UK Prof. Zoe Radnor. [Short animated video from Professor Zoe Radnor telling the story of ‘The Bicycle Book’. Lean thinking is about understanding HOW we work, and then asking WHY we do what we do. Every day.]

Words of Wisdom from Taiichi Ohno [Short animated video presenting quotes from Taiichi Ohno, the creator of the Toyota Production System (TPS)  on which Lean is based]

Lean: Manage work as a flow system, 3rd edition book trailer video

Short video debunking the #1 myth about Lean [Lean is NOT about process improvement]

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Lean training resources

A fundamental, Lean must-read. Visit Books page for details.

Book cover for Lean: Manage work as a flow system, a Lean reading resource

Lean: Manage work as a flow system, 3rd edition. France Bergeron and Joanne Gaudet, 2020, Editions JFD. Printed in Canada.

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wonderful gem!” Karen Martin

Aussi en français, Lean : Gérer le travail comme un système de flux, 3è édition, France Bergeron et Joanne, 2021, Éditions JFD. Imprimé au Canada.

Info et commander chez l’éditeur : Éditions JFD


Gemba walks: a short guide for Lean leaderseBook – Gemba walks: a brief guide for Lean leaders. Gemba is ‘the real place’. Gemba walks are standard practice for Lean leaders. ‘Gemba walks: a brief guide for Lean leaders’ includes an eBook, downloadable documents, a work-based assignment and video links. $9.95 price incl. HST/GST. REGISTER online at

Lean is flow school online. Be the best at what you do with Lean thinking. To transform your team or your organization, start with a solid foundation of Lean training. Each course includes a work-based assignment to bring yourself, your team and your organization into the new practices of seeing, measuring and improving work every single day!

Lean Tools – Resources

The Lean skills matrix (PDF format) is a collaborative Lean tool to help increase a team’s capacity by cross‐training employees. It should be used to create learning plans, increase collaboration, increase problem solving and make work visible, not to assess performance.

The Personal_Flow_Board_11X17 (PDF format, 11 X 17 page format) helps you take control of your own work. Using sticky-notes, flow your work (1 task per sticky note) from ‘To do’, to ‘Doing (limit your work in progress to 3 tasks), to Pending as needed, then finally to ‘Done’.  Make your work visible, measure time and quality and improve the flow of value to your clients, every day. If you prefer a larger format, download the Personal_Flow_Board_POSTER_24X36 (PDF format, 24 X 36 poster format).

Standardize how everyone in an organization tackles larger problems in a structured way, with A3 thinking. Problem_Solving_A3_poster 24X36 (poster size 24 X 36) is a one-pager, usually with an 11 X 17 format in which a problem solver systematically approaches a problem, it’s definition, it’s root cause and how it will be countered. The problem solver gets the support of a coach, such as a direct supervisor. Become a learning organization that tackles problems and records HOW they were countered, for long-term learning.

Paper on Lean as the science of work, based on flow – ‘Lean: it’s not rocket science, it’s work science‘ (in PDF format).

Presentation by Professor Zoe Radnor at the Lean for Government Professional Development Day, June 22, 2016 “Is Lean a failed theory for public services?” (in PDF format). Zoe Radnor  (now Vice-President at City, University of London).

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