Lean Day

2017 Lean for Government Professional Development Day Ottawa
June 15, 2017 – Lean PD Day

Canadian Aviation and Space Museum

Lean PD Day 2017 was a resounding success with a capacity crowd of public servants from all levels of government (from city to federal) and from 25 different organisations! Many thanks to our outstanding speakers: Claudio Perrone, Dr. Stephen Newman, Carole Bidal, Darrel Damron and Renée Smith. Also a BIG thank you to our amazing volunteers who helped make this event a success.


8:30 am – Coffee networking
9:00 am – Welcome by France Bergeron, Alpen Path Solutions Inc.
9:15 am – Keynote Speaker: Claudio Perrone, Lean and Agile Management Consultant at Agile Sensei and Fellow of the Lean Systems Society, Dublin, Ireland
noon – Networking lunch (lunch provided)
1:00 pm – Presentation on Continuous Flow: Dr. Stephen Newman, Department of Chemistry, University of Ottawa
1:30 pm– Flow experience in government, a federal public servant’s perspective. Carole Bidal, Department of Justice Canada
2:20 pm – Creating the Conditions for Flow. Renée Smith and Darrell Damron, Washington State (USA) Department Enterprise Services, Lean Transformation Services
2:50 pm – Wrap-up and prize distribution

and the Twitter hashtag #LeanPDday and can’t wait for all of us to continue our Lean learning journey 🙂


Keynote Speaker – Claudio Perrone


Italian-born and Dublin-based, Claudio Perrone is an internationally recognized Lean and Agile expert who helps organizations evolve rapidly and respond to fast-changing environments. As an award-winning public speaker, Claudio uses his unique storytelling and cartoon-style illustration abilities to share thought-provoking ideas and actionable methods and techniques.

Claudio is a Fellow of the Lean Systems Society. He is also the author of the A3 Thinker’s Action Deck, a set of brainstorming cards and mobile tools based on Toyota’s Lean management approach to systematically solve problems, improve and mentor. A3 Thinker is used by hundreds of companies worldwide, including Toyota, Spotify, Honeywell, Carl Zeiss Microscopes, Nissan North America, McKinsey, Skype, and many others. He is also the inventor of the PopcornFlow thinking model of continuous innovation & change through ultra-rapid experimentation.

“My passion is to help teams and individuals develop insanely-good habits of thinking and allow them to bring the best of their work to the world.” — Claudio Perrone

Guest Speaker on Continuous Flow Chemistry
Dr. Stephen Newman, University of Ottawa



Dr. Newman completed his doctoral studies in organic synthesis in Toronto and upon graduating, he moved to Boston to carry out research in continuous manufacturing at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

In Summer 2014, Dr. Newman joined the Center for Catalysis Research and Innovation (CCRI) at the University of Ottawa as an Assistant Professor and Canada Research Chair to apply strategies in flow chemistry and transition metal catalysis to the development of new, industrially relevant chemical reactions.

Flow experience in government. A public servant’s perspective
Carole Bidal, Department of Justice Canada

Carole began her career with the Department of Justice in 1999 as a litigator for labour and employment law matters with Treasury Board Legal Services. In 2006, she joined the Public and Labour and Employment Law team at DND-CFLA. In 2008, she took on responsibilities as head of the Labour and Corporate Law team for RCMP Legal Services. In 2013, Carole was tasked with establishing a Centre of Expertise in Labour and Employment Law for the Department of Justice, whose mandate was to streamline work provided to client departments across the public service with a view to minimizing duplication and maximizing resources. Since 2015, Carole has been General Counsel and Director of the Labour and Employment Law Group, Treasury Board Legal Services.

Lean Transformation in a US State
Renée Smith and Darrell Damron
Washington State (USA) Department Enterprise Services, Lean Transformation Services

Renée Smith is the founding director of Lean Transformation Services at the Washington State Department of Enterprise Services. She leads a team of Lean consultants who provide coaching, facilitation, and training services to state agencies and local governments. The team builds capability not dependency in clients who are learning to adapt Lean principles and methods to government operations to deliver better value to Washingtonians and make public service a deeply gratifying experience.

Renée believes the best hope for governments to sustainably deliver on their vital promises is when leaders embrace Lean as a human-centered philosophy and operations strategy, not just a set of tools used by an improvement expert. This kind of Lean in government is a principled way of working that highly regards both customers and team members. When leaders drive out fear, team members know they belong, their contributions matter, and they deliver the exceptional value customers expect.

Renée holds a Master’s Degree in Organization Development from Pepperdine University. Her clients throughout her career have included public, private and not-for-profit organizations working across a spectrum of challenges including leadership development, team dynamics, strategy, business planning, organizational effectiveness, culture, and large system change. Renée enjoys training for half marathons in beautiful Tacoma, cooking for friends and family, and exploring foreign cities.


Darrell Damron has been a public servant in Washington state government for more than 25 years. He served as an enterprise Lean consultant in the Governor’s Office under two governors, creating Washington State’s Lean Expert Partnership Program. Through this program, more than 240 private-sector experts have given thousands of public servants advice, training, and coaching (at no cost to taxpayers) in using Lean principles and tools to make improvements throughout Washington State government. Prior to joining state government, Darrell served 6 years on active duty in the U.S. Marine Corps. Darrell enjoys kayaking and backpacking in the Pacific Northwest.

At the heart of the Lean PD Day is Lean as the science of work: see work (by using visual tools/management to see flow and what disrupts flow of value to clients such as maps or ‘kanban’, because in science you can’t measure what you can’t see), measure work (the simplest and most widely used measures are time and quality) and improve work every day (by collaboratively optimizing the flow of value to clients to make flow faster, easier and cheaper).

2017 Lean PD Day Sponsors, Donors, Supporters

Alpen Path Solutions Inc., the founder and main sponsor for the Lean PD Day, is pleased to collaborate with like-minded socially responsible organizations that support Lean professional development by donating Lean learning material (such as awesome Lean books!) or sponsoring event-related costs. If your organization wishes to sponsor upcoming events, we look forward to hearing from you – please contact us. Many thanks to our donors, sponsors and supporters: Agile Sensei, Karyn Ross Consulting and Markovitz Consulting, Lean Pathways, The Karen Martin Group, C2 management, Menlo Innovations, Ancillary Cares Strategies, LeanBlog.org (Mark Graban) and the Community of Federal Regulators.

Lean PD Day 2017 book winners. Signed books donated by Lean authors worldwide.




2016 Lean for Government Professional Development Day Ottawa (Lean PD Day)

Lean PD Day 2016 logoThanks to all who attended the June 22, 2016 Lean for Government PD Day! A capacity crowd and excellent presentations from Zoe Radnor, University of Leicester, UK, Tony Kourie, Manager, Environment and Climate Change Canada and France Bergeron and Joanne Gaudet, Alpen Path Solutions Inc.

Many thanks as well to the amazing volunteers who helped make the day run smoothly and to the event partners. Congratulations to participants who won Lean-related books and A3 Thinker’s Cards.

View the presentation by Professor Zoe Radnor “Is Lean a failed theory for public services?” (in PDF format). View 2016 tweets #LeanPDday.

Kudos to the event partners Agile Sensei (designer of the A3 Thinker’s Action Deck), Community of Federal Regulators (CFR), Canadian Public Sector Excellence Network (CPSEN) and Markovitz Consulting.

Our Social Responsibility

We take our corporate social responsibility seriously and are proud to coordinate and sponsor the FREE Lean for Government PD Day.

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