Lean for Leaders Workshops

1-day Introduction to Lean for Government for Leaders

Because of Covid-19 and due to the highly experiential and collaborative nature of our courses, all courses are suspended until further notice. The health and safety of our clients is our top priority. Also a priority is offering first class courses that are extremely engaging. As adults we learn by doing, not by reading or only listening! We’re hard at work on solutions.**

This 1-day training workshop is designed for Senior and Mid-management and provides an overview of Lean, a collaborative scientific approach for continuous improvement. Through engaging simulations participants learn about and experience the Lean values, the four scientific components of Lean as the science of work and some improvement tools. Participants also gain an overview of Lean for Executives with key Lean leadership principles and roles and responsibilities with new daily practices for management in a Lean organization. This 1-day introduction is a prerequisite for all other training workshops. When striving to become a Lean organization, management must embrace a paradigm shift where work and improvement are one and the same – to engage in work is to engage in improvement with a goal to flow more and more value to clients every single day with agility. Management’s new role includes aligning value work with the direction for the organization and coaching problem solving.

Workshop Themes
-Definitions and history
-Organizational focus and alignment from leadership
-Lean leadership principles
-Basics of a Lean transformation striving toward a Lean organization
-Lean values and scientific components (principles)
-Scientific methods such as experimentation (Plan-Do-Study-Adjust (PDSA) cycle) to be agile and observation
-Definition, identification, measurement and optimization of the flow of value to clients
-Lean tools such as visual management, error proofing and mapping
-Lean Management practices including Gemba walks, coaching and Leader Standard Work

Note to leaders – Lean and continuous improvement cannot be delegated – leadership is key to sustain continuously delivering more and more value to your clients! Help your organization become a learning organization with Lean.

Comprehensive Lean Leader Curriculum

A comprehensive Lean Leader curriculum includes additional 1-day Lean training for the leadership team, customized training in the workplace, assigned reading and one-on-one coaching.

Workshop Cost and Locations

Your Team at the Alpen Path Solutions Training Centre & Micro Lab

Team option cost, up to 14 people at the Alpen Path Solutions Training Centre & Micro Lab, for a 1-day in-class workshop is $2,750.00 (+HST)* for up to 14 participants (below $5,000 and can be paid by credit card) at the Alpen Path Solutions Lean Training Centre & Micro Lab at 340 Albert Street, Suite 1720 (17th Floor, Constitution Square Tower III), Ottawa ON K1R 7Y6. Workshops are from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. Includes all workshop learning materials, coffee and tea. Contact us to book.

Your Team In-Your-Workplace

In-Your-Workplace group workshop for up to 14 participants. Cost for each 1-day in-your-workplace Lean workshop, $2,750.00 (+HST)* for up to 14 participants in your workplace (below $5,000 and can be paid by credit card). Contact us to book. Cost includes all learning materials.

In-Your-Workplace group workshop costs are for the National Capital Region and we also offer all our courses in the regions. Contact us to get your quote for your needs.

Participants receive a free copy of the book ‘Lean: Manage work as a flow system 2nd edition‘ (2020) by France Bergeron and Joanne Gaudet, which is described as “a great introduction to lean”, commenting on the 1st edition, Daniel T. Jones (world-renowned Lean thinker and co-author of the world’s first books on Lean “The Machine that Changed the World” and “Lean Thinking”).

This 1-day workshop meets the prerequisite requirement if you wish to continue your Lean learning with other 1-day workshops or with the Certificate in Lean for the Public Sector or the Advanced Certificate in Lean for the Public Sector.

Lean is the science of work: see work (by using visual tools/management to see flow and what disrupts flow of value to clients such as maps or ‘kanban’, because in science you can’t measure what you can’t see), measure work (the simplest and most widely used measures are time and quality) and improve work every day (by collaboratively optimizing the flow of value to clients to make flow faster, easier and cheaper).

*Once a date is booked for team training, the training offer is binding and will be fully charged unless cancelled with at least 1 month notice.

**Participants who were registered for upcoming courses will automatically be fully refunded for their course registration(s). Participants who had not attended their initial registration date and postponed their training for another training date are beyond the refund deadline attached to their original registration date. The latter participants are eligible, however, to attend courses pending a new course format/schedule is established. Thanks!

Scientists of work - Lean as collaborative science with strong Lean leadership

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