Flow experience: Build a culture for agility, creativity and innovation

This course provides an introduction to how organizations and individuals can help build a culture for agility, creativity and innovation. It’s all about being ‘in the zone’ – feeling our best and performing our best. Researchers call this the ‘flow experience’. Participants get insights into how to recognize and create the conditions for flow experience in their own work or with their teams. Through case studies, participants learn about how great organizations create the conditions for flow experience which taps into intrinsic motivation. The course also explores how individual and team flow experience enhance engagement, learning, creativity and innovation in the workplace.

Soon! Registration will be online, only $24.95 (incl. HST/GT). Online training includes short videos, quizzes, downloads, a work-based assignment and you earn a course Certificate of Completion.

Flow Experience Course Themes
-Definition and history
-Neuroscience: what happens in the brain during flow experience
-Chemicals released in the brain during flow experience
-Triggers for individual flow experience and team flow experience
-Flow experience and how it links to intrinsic motivation
-How to measure flow experience
-How flow experience is linked with learning, creativity and innovation

No prerequisite. Part of the Certificate in Lean and the Advanced Certificate in Lean. We developed and have been teaching the Certificate in Lean since 2015.

NOTICE: Because of COVID-19 and due to the highly experiential and collaborative nature of our courses, all in-person courses are suspended until further notice. The health and safety of our clients is our priority.

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