Certificates in Lean

A Certificate in Lean is for everyone, to BE Lean every day. We developed and have been teaching the Certificate in Lean since 2015. Stay tuned for upcoming on-line learning.

Image of an Alpen Path that mirrors an organization's Lean transformation.

Combine courses, earn Certificates

View Lean videos on our YouTube Channel.

-Introduction to Lean for office / for service
-Lean is Science
-Lean Thinker’s Toolkit: Lean Process Mapping and More (formerly Lean Project Champion
-iLean: Make Work Visible to Focus and Finish
-Lean: Optimizing Flow to Deliver Value
-Micro-Experiments: Foundations for Kaizen (be agile)
-Gemba: The Power of Observation
Flow experience: Build a culture for agility, creativity and innovation
-Introduction to Lean for Leaders 

Because of COVID-19, all in-person courses are suspended until further notice. Your health and safety is our priority.

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