Book trailer image Lean: Manage work as a flow system3rd edition of Lean: Manage work as a flow system with Editions JFD.

“A wonderful gem!”, Karen Martin
“A great introduction to lean”, Daniel T. Jones

ISBN: 9782897991081. 79 pages. Only $19.99.

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Book content

Chapter 1: Introduction (read in PDF as an extract)
Chapter 2: Lean, science of work
Chapter 3: Lean organizational values
Chapter 4: Four scientific components of Lean
Chapter 5: Flow Experience, secret sauce of Lean
Chapter 6: Conclusion

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“A wonderful gem! Flow is a fundamental concept in Lean Management and yet few thought leaders have highlighted it in the understandable way that France and Joanne have—and even fewer organizations understand and incorporate the concept with any degree of rigor. Learn about flow and then start achieving it! Your employees and customers alike will thank you.” Karen Martin, President of TKMG, Inc. author, The Outstanding Organization

“France and Joanne put together some valuable thoughts and actions with their book Lean: Manage work as a flow system. It discusses all the facets of Flow in Lean thinking, while intertwining the importance of developing and aligning people through cascading goals from macro to micro value streams throughout all levels and roles in an organization. If you want a nicely written summary to help move along your organization, I recommend this book as a resource.” Tracey Richardson, Founder of Teaching Lean Inc., Author of The Toyota Engagement Equation

“A great introduction to lean.” according to Daniel T. Jones, internationally-renowned Lean thinker and co-author of the world’s first books on Lean, commenting on the 1st edition

“Easily on the Top 2 of all the lean books and articles I have read in the last 10 years.” from reader Vir, review posted on LinkedIn

“Lean: manage work as a flow system” is my all-time favorite book on Lean, the first one I always recommend when asked “Which book should I read to learn more about Lean?”.

France and Joanne’s insights on Lean as a collaborative science for continuous improvement are inspiring, and help us focus on managing, containing and improving flow. They make it easy to understand Lean thinking via solving flow problems. Flow is everywhere and in everything, this book opens our eyes to its limitless application to any type of work context.

Reading this book will enrich your view and application of how to truly be Lean.

Whether you are new to Lean, think you know about Lean and have many years of experience coaching and teaching Lean, you will want to read it and re-read it again and again! Stéfany Oliver, Lean coach, Government of Canada

“It is a brilliant and easy introduction to Lean. I highly recommend it!” from reader Klas Fjärstedt, posted on his website, and printed in the book

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Lean Pocket Guide to Optimising Flow, Joanne Gaudet and France Bergeron, 2017, Alpen Path Solutions Inc. Printed in Canada, 20 pages, colour cover, colour photos, ISBN: 978-0-9947810-2-4. Out of print.

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