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Our purpose: Working towards a world where organizations are managed with collaborative science. Fostering creative, innovative and enjoyable workplaces.


We adapted Lean for office and service. We participated in a Japan Lean Study Tour, including a visit at Toyota Lexus, to deepen our understanding of Lean based on the Toyota Production System (TPS). We developed a Lean as science curriculum based on improving flow efficiency. We co-authored Lean: Manage work as a flow system, 3rd edition. View the Book Trailer. We co-authored the paper “Lean: it’s not rocket science, it’s work science“. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel. Follow Alpen Path Solutions on LinkedIn.

Our Flow Team

France Bergeron, photoFrance Bergeron – Lean Coach and Author 

France has over 25 years of experience in large organizations and served as an officer in the Canadian Forces. With a Master of Science degree in management and organizational development, she has extensive Lean experience, having started implementing Lean in the Canadian federal government in 2012. She coached numerous Lean coaches and constructed Lean events and trained over 3,000 participants across Canada. France co-authored the Lean: Manage work as a flow system 3rd edition book. France also co-authored the paper “Lean: it’s not rocket science, it’s work science“. She participated in the development of a Lean curriculum at a post-secondary institution in Ottawa. She participated in a Japan Lean Study Tour and published her experience on social media to foster broader learning. She has been an engaging Lean speaker at numerous government gatherings across Canada, in French and in English. Join France on LinkedIn.

“A wonderful gem.”

according to Karen Martin. 3rd edition is now available with JFD Edition. Visit the book/author page. View the Book Trailer and subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

Joanne Gaudet, photoJoanne Gaudet – Lean as Science Author and Coach

Fluently bilingual, Joanne has over thirteen of experience in change management. She combines work experience in post-secondary institutions, in consulting and as a business owner with graduate research in science studies. Her Lean experience includes co-facilitating Lean events and helping train hundreds of participants in Lean thinking across Canada. She co-authored the Lean: Manage work as a flow system 3rd edition book, the Lean for Government Champion’s Handbook: Launching and ensuring success for your Lean for government project and the paper “Lean: it’s not rocket science, it’s work science“. She developed the social network analysis Mobilization-Network approach to capture deep knowledge mobilization and ignorance mobilization for individual research laboratories and academic organizations and networks. She has delivered social network analysis workshops to graduate students and university professors. She has also developed and published on the ignorance mobilization concept that acknowledges the dynamic relationship between knowledge and ignorance in science. This is especially pertinent for Lean that is based on a scientific approach to problem solving.  See her book chapter on ignorance in science policymaking and science evaluation. Participated in a Japan Lean Study Tour to deepen her understanding of Lean as the science of flow in the workplace. Joanne maintains ties with academia through research projects and as well as a member of the European Flow Researchers Network and the Administrative Sciences Association of Canada. View Joanne Google Scholar page.

Social Responsibility

We live our purpose and are socially responsible. We practice it every day:

  • we maintain low prices that ensure value for customers
  • we develop Lean capacity in organizations and instill a scientific culture of self-improvement
  • we help build a Lean Community of Practice

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