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Standardized Lean Training. Flow coaching. Lean Certificates.

Standardized Lean Training

You, your team and your organization can BE Lean. Choose an 'Advanced Lean Leadership Certificate', a 'Platinum Certificate in Lean', or a 'Certificate in Lean'.

Fundamental Lean Reading

Lean: Manage work as a flow system, "a wonderful Gem" according to the internationally acclaimed Karen Martin. Available in English and in French.

Lean Flow coaching

Flow coaching to help you BE Lean and flow more value to your customers.

Lean. World's most powerful scientific management approach

Lean is a collaborative scientific management approach that fosters creative, innovative and agile organizations. How? By developing everyone to collaboratively solve problems to the flow of value to customers every day. Everyone experiments to improve flow. Lean management continuously improves the system within which people work. And Lean organizations, as learning organizations, create the conditions for 'flow state' or 'flow experience' where people feel at their best and perform at their best.

First step, learn about Lean. Start with standardized Lean training. Read about Lean. Visit Lean organizations. Be Lean yourself in everything that you do. Never do Lean to others. Eventually everyone in an organization IS Lean, flowing more value to customers by solving problems to the flow of value every day.

France Bergeron, Lean Flow coach at Alpen Path Solutions Inc.

France Bergeron, BTh, MSc (Management and Organizational Development) is an internationally-recognized Lean thinker, author and keynote speaker who supports organizations on their Lean journey. With a career of more than 25 years in the public and private sectors, she was one of the first in the public service of Canada to launch an organization-wide Lean initiative. France provides virtual Lean training at the Lean is Flow Academy. Visit France's Author webpage.

Joanne Gaudet, Lean flow coach

Joanne Gaudet, BSc (Chemistry), BA (Psychology), MA (Sociology) is a published author in management, science studies and in social network analysis. She brings experience from education, management consulting and not-for-profit. Read Joanne's book chapter on ignorance in science (Open Access, Chapter 33 of the Routledge International Handbook of Ignorance Studies). Joanne provides virtual Lean training at the Lean is Flow AcademyVisit Joanne's Google Scholar page.

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