Lean Training, Coaching, Deployment and Facilitation

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we offer Lean eCoaching services by phone and virtually. Let's keep improving every day!

Post-COVID, choose our new 1-day rapid improvement event, with a small team focussed on one process. Only $2,750 +HST for a 1-day improvement event (small team), rapid problem solving designed to lead to rapid improvement.

Lean thinking is for everyone in an organization - from senior management to the front line. We offer Lean training workshops and custom coaching. Earn Certificates in Lean for the Public Sector to become a Lean thinker. Choose from eight 1-day Lean experiential workshops at our Lean Training Centre & Micro Lab to learn more about Lean and to start Lean thinking in your own work. We can also help your organization deploy Lean thinking throughout the organization. All workshops and deployment team training involve office-type simulations so that you can immediately incorporate Lean thinking in your daily work to optimize the flow of value to clients. Learn more about the Certificate in Lean for the Public Sector and the Advanced Certificate in Lean for the Public Sector .

Our approach builds on some 70 years of Lean management in many sectors and on extensive academic research on Lean and on individual, process, group and organizational flow. We continuously improve our own work and recently attended a Japan Lean Study Tour. Our 2nd edition book Lean: Manage work as a flow system (2020) is “a great introduction to lean” according to Daniel T. Jones (world-renowned Lean thinker and one of the world’s first Lean authors with “The Machine that Changed the World” and “Lean Thinking”).