Lean 101 In-House 1/2-Day Workshop

This 1/2-day workshop is offered in your workplace. Learn the fundamentals of Lean and how to be Lean in knowledge work – every day! Great for teams at all levels to learn about Lean together to continuously deliver more and more value to clients.

Includes hands-on simulations and visual management exercises so participants start living Lean while they learn!

Cost: $1,250.00 (+HST) for up to 14 participants in your workplace. Contact us for details.

Lean is the science of work: see work (by using visual tools/management to see flow and what disrupts flow of value to clients such as maps or ‘kanban’, because in science you can’t measure what you can’t see), measure work (the simplest and most widely used measures are time and quality) and improve work every day (by collaboratively optimizing the flow of value to clients to make flow faster, easier and cheaper).

Scientists of work - Lean is collaborative science

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