Our Services

At Alpen Path Solutions, we offer Lean for Government and Social and Organizational Network Analysis (SNA & ONA) consulting and training services. Lean is the science of work based on flowing value to clients.

Our extensive experience in government means that we understand your challenges. Our Lean consultants are engaging and engaged! We have adapted the Lean approach to the specific needs of the public sector. We understand that public organizations must skillfully balance the needs of citizens, society and political leaders when creating value for clients. Visit the Lean Services page to learn more. Our purpose: A better public sector. Every day.

Our SNA and ONA expertise helps you capture relations in informal and other invisible networks that you can then see in network maps. We have developed innovative SNA and ONA tools and approaches for Lean, for knowledge mobilization and for journal peer review. Visit the SNA and ONA services page to learn more.

Training on Lean for Government

We offer 1/2-day and 1-day Lean workshops and courses to learn more about Lean and to deploy Lean in an organization. In partnership with the University of Ottawa Centre for Continuing Education, we offer 1-day courses on Lean for government tailored to public sector employees who want to live Lean every day. Register for in-class learning or book in-house sessions for your workplace. All workshops involve office-type simulations so that you can immediately incorporate Lean thinking in your daily work to optimize the flow of value to clients. Our approach builds on some 70 years of Lean management in many sectors and on extensive academic research that is focused specifically on Lean for government. Because we understand that the public sector is different than manufacturing, we have adapted the Lean approach and Lean tools. Your Lean courses can lead to a Certificate in Lean for the Public Sector offered in partnership with the University of Ottawa Centre for Continuing Education!